Påskebudskab 2011 fra Bartholomæos, ved Guds nåde ærkebiskop af Konstantinopel, det nye Rom, og økumenisk patriark

2011 Patriarchal Proclamation for Pascha

+ B A R T H O L O M E W
By the Mer­cy of God
Arch­bis­hop of Con­stan­ti­nop­le-New Rome and Ecu­me­ni­cal Patri­arch
To the Ple­ni­tu­de of the Church Gra­ce, Pea­ce and Mer­cy
From the Savi­or Christ Risen in Glory

Belo­ved chil­dren in the Lord,Once again, in a spi­rit of joy and pea­ce, we address you with the delight­ful and hope­ful gre­e­ting: “Christ is Risen!”

The occur­ren­ces and events of our time may not seem to justi­fy the exul­ta­tion of our gre­e­ting. The natu­ral destruction cau­sed by sei­s­mic tre­mors and oce­a­nic swells, toget­her with the lur­king deva­sta­tion from pos­sib­le nuclear explo­sion, as well as the human sacri­fi­ces resul­ting from mili­tary con­fli­ct and ter­r­o­rist action, reve­al our wor­ld to be in hor­rib­le torment and angu­ish from the pres­su­re of the natu­ral and spi­ri­tu­al for­ces of evil.

Nevert­he­less, the Resur­rection of Christ is inde­ed real and grants to fait­h­ful Chri­sti­ans the certain­ty – and to all huma­ni­ty the pos­si­bi­li­ty – of trans­cen­ding the adver­se con­sequen­ces of natu­ral cala­mi­ty and spi­ri­tu­al per­ver­si­ty.

Natu­re rebels when the arro­gant human mind endea­vors to tame its bound­less for­ces endowed by the Cre­a­tor it its see­m­ing­ly insig­ni­fi­cant and ina­cti­ve ele­ments. In con­si­de­ring from a spi­ri­tu­al per­specti­ve the gri­e­vous natu­ral pheno­me­na that plague our pla­net repe­a­ted­ly and suc­ces­si­ve­ly in recent times, we appre­ci­a­te and ack­now­led­ge the belief that the­se are inse­pa­rab­le from the spi­ri­tu­al and ethi­cal devi­a­tion of huma­ni­ty. The signs of this devi­a­tion – such as gre­ed, ava­ri­ce, and an insa­ti­ab­le desi­re for mate­ri­al wealth, alongsi­de an indif­fe­ren­ce toward the pover­ty endu­red by so many as a result of the imba­lan­ced afflu­en­ce of the few – may not be clear­ly rela­ted to the natu­ral occur­ren­ces in the eyes of sci­en­ti­sts. Yet, for someo­ne exa­mi­ning the mat­ter spi­ri­tu­al­ly, sin dis­turbs the har­mony of spi­ri­tu­al and natu­ral rela­tions ali­ke. For, the­re is a mysti­cal con­nection betwe­en moral and natu­ral evil; if we wish to be libe­ra­ted from the lat­ter, we must reject the for­mer.

Our Risen Lord Jesus Christ, the new Adam and God, con­sti­tu­tes the model for the bene­fi­ci­al influ­en­ce of a saint on the natu­ral wor­ld. For Christ hea­led phy­si­cal and spi­ri­tu­al ill­ness, gran­ting com­fort and hea­ling to all peop­le, whi­le at the same time brin­ging calm and pea­ce to stormy seas, mul­tiplying five loa­ves of bre­ad to feed the five thous­and, the­re­by com­bi­ning the recon­ci­li­a­tion of spi­ri­tu­al and natu­ral har­mony. If we want to exert a posi­ti­ve impa­ct on the cur­rent nega­ti­ve natu­ral and poli­ti­cal con­di­tions of our wor­ld, then we have no other alter­na­ti­ve than faith in the Risen Christ and ful­fil­l­ment of his saving com­mand­ments.

Christ has risen and given new life to the per­fect ethos of humankind, which had dar­ke­ned this ethos. Christ beca­me the first-born and pio­ne­er of the rege­ne­ra­tion of the wor­ld and the who­le of cre­a­tion. The mes­sa­ge of the Resur­rection is not emp­ty of mea­ning for the qua­li­ty of human life and the balan­ced fun­ction of natu­re. As we com­ple­te­ly and pro­fo­und­ly expe­ri­en­ce the Resur­rection of Christ in the dep­th our heart, our exi­sten­ce shall favorably impa­ct upon all huma­ni­ty and the natu­ral wor­ld. The natu­ral sci­en­ces may not yet ful­ly have under­li­ned the rela­tions­hip betwe­en the rege­ne­ra­tion of huma­ni­ty and the renewal of cre­a­tion, but the expe­ri­en­ce of the saints – which should be the aim our own expe­ri­en­ce – con­firms the expe­ri­en­ti­al­ly proven fact that, inde­ed, a per­son reborn in Christ resto­res the har­mony of the natu­ral wor­ld dis­tur­bed by sin. In Christ, the saint can move moun­tains for the good of the wor­ld, whi­le the sin­ful per­son, who oppo­ses the ways of God, can sha­ke the earth and rai­se destructi­ve waves.

Let us appro­ach the san­cti­ty of the Risen Christ in order, through His gra­ce, to calm the natu­ral and moral waves that troub­le our wor­ld today.

May the gra­ce of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, belo­ved chil­dren in the Lord. Amen.

Holy Pas­cha 2011
+ Bart­ho­lo­mew of Con­stan­ti­nop­le
Fer­vent sup­pli­cant for all
befo­re the Risen Christ