Who is Gudsmoders Beskyttelses Menighed (parish of the Protection of the Mother of God)?

Guds­mo­ders Beskyt­tel­se is an Ort­ho­dox Chri­sti­an parish. The head and pri­est of the parish is Fat­her Paul Seb­be­lov.

The parish is part of the Scan­di­navi­an Dea­ne­ry hea­ded by Fat­her Angel Velit­chkov from Sto­ck­holm, Swe­den.

The dea­ne­ry is part of the Western Euro­pe­an Exar­cha­te. The Exar­chate is hea­ded by His Emi­nen­ce, Arch­bis­hop John of Cha­rioupo­lis, who resi­des in Paris, Fran­ce.

The Exar­cha­te is part of the Patri­ar­cha­te of Con­stan­ti­nop­le hea­ded by his Holi­ness Patri­arch Bart­ho­lo­mew I.

Guds­mo­ders Beskyt­tel­se has it’s litur­gi­cal cele­bra­tions accor­ding to the calen­dar of the Ort­ho­dox Church (plea­se con­fer with the list of ser­vi­ces, gud­stje­ne­ste­li­sten). The litur­gi­cal langu­a­ge of the parish is Danish.