Min Herre og min Gud – Thomas' Søndag

Præ­di­ken af f. Poul, Søn­dag den 12. maj 2024:

ApG. 5: 12–20
Joh. 20: 19–31

Prædiken af f. Poul, Thomas' Søndag, 23. april 2023

ApG 5:12 – 20
Joh. 20:19 – 31

Foredrag: Science and Christianity – Is our Universe anthropocentric?

Ved f. diakon Irakli Tsakadze

Lør­dag den 22. marts, kl. 15.00
Sted: Blom­ster­væn­get 10, kld., 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Fored­ra­get hol­des på engelsk af f. dia­kon Irakli Tsakadze.

Her er en kort intro­duk­tion til foredraget:

One of the remar­kab­le achie­ve­ments of the XX century’s cos­mo­lo­gy and phy­si­cs is the descrip­tion of evo­lu­tion of the uni­ver­se and its mat­ter. Sci­en­ti­sts have come to bet­ter under­stand the phy­si­cal foun­da­tion of the uni­ver­se, which acts as a com­bi­na­tion of dif­fe­rent inte­r­a­ctions or for­ces descri­bed by a set of fun­da­men­tal phy­si­cal constants.

Dea­ling with this question, sci­en­ti­sts found a striking asso­ci­a­tion betwe­en exa­ct valu­es of the phy­si­cal con­stants and the pos­si­bi­li­ty of cre­a­tion of life and intel­li­gen­ce in the uni­ver­se. The pro­po­si­tion of the fine-tuned Uni­ver­se was offe­red stat­ing that life in the uni­ver­se can only occur when certain uni­ver­sal fun­da­men­tal phy­si­cal con­stants lie wit­hin a very nar­row ran­ge and slight chan­ge in their valu­es would not lead to the cre­a­tion of mat­ter and intel­li­gent life.

The pro­po­si­tion rai­sed num­ber of questions amongst which is the pla­ce of a human being in the uni­ver­se, which is also the cen­tral question in the Chri­sti­an anthropocentrism.

The pre­sen­ted talk is an attempt to discuss this question from the point of view of modern Sci­en­ce and Christianity.

Efter fored­rag og sam­ta­le hol­des der aftentje­ne­ste kl. 17.00.